Ontario Motorcycle Rides

Here is a list of different motorcycle rides and other motorcycle events around Ontario. If I know of a web page for the event I have included a link to it. Please let me know of any events which I haven't listed or of web pages for events I have. The list is pretty open but I do have a few rules about what events can be listed here.

  • Must be a motorcycle event
  • Must include a ride
  • Must be open to all riders and clubs
  • Must be open to all makes of motorcycles

If you find yourself ready to run one weekend and can't find a ride near you, the Biker Lad lists the Great Ontario Bikeroads so you can just look for a cool road to try out.

This is the full listing from my database including events that have already occured. If you know the dates for these events for the current year, or know of any Ontario events that have omitted, please email me and let me know.

To send me change requests on the following rides, click on the Update link of the ride you want to change.

List of Motorcycle Rides and Events in Ontario
Event Description Date(s)  
HOG Windsor Throttle Itch 2007-02-24 Update
Cruisin' for Wellspring 2007-05-26 Update
Ride to Conker Cancer 2007-05-27 Update
HOG Durham Charity Ride 2007-06-03 Update
Operation Destiny 2007-06-09 Update
Canadian Rally for the Troops 2007-06-29 to
Ride for Camp Huronda for diabetic children 2007-07-07 Update
Abate Toronto Poker Run 2007-07-08 Update
Brinsley Hills Thunder Run 2007-07-21 Update
Child Abuse Prevention Ride 2007-07-21 Update
ABATE The Final Frontier 2007-08-03 to
Freedom Rally Sudbury 2007-08-03 to
GWRRA K Rendezvous Rally 2007-08-04 to
Alstar Charity Ride With Us 2007-08-04 Update
POW*MIA Poker Run 2007-08-11 Update
CNIB Open Road 2007-08-23 to
Momentum Show and Shine 2007-08-25 Update
Ride for Child 2007-09-08 Update
Blenheim Toy Run 2007-09-16 Update
Ride for a Purpose - Mystery Tour 2007-09-22 Update
GWTA Region J Ride in Lunch 2008-05-04 Update
BRO Port Colborne Poker Run 2008-05-24 Update
Ride for the Refuge 2008-05-31 Update
Ride For The Little Guys 2008-06-07 Update
Ottawa Dodge Ride for CHEO 2008-06-07 Update
T.U.F.F Ride 2008-06-07 Update
Hearth Place Cancer Centre Ride 2008-06-08 Update
Thunderblades Poker Run 2008-06-08 Update
Red Ride to end Diabetes 2008-06-08 Update
CVMG Rally 2008-06-13 to
Duke's 1st Annual 'Striptease' Ride 2008-06-15 Update
Ride for Kids 2008-06-21 Update
Oxford County Ride 2008-06-21 Update
Durham Cruisers Poker Run 2008-07-05 Update
Cool Rides Customer Appreciation BBQ and Ride 2008-07-12 Update
Mark Wynnyk Memorial Ride and Poker Run for Fallen Riders 2008-07-12 Update
Barrie Wingz Annual Pork BBQ and Motorcycle Ride 2008-07-26 Update
Comrades Soldier On Ride 2008-08-08 Update
Huronia Riders BBQ and Poker Run 2008-08-10 Update
Return to Trenton Rally 2008-08-15 to
Cruisin' for Kids Poker Run 2008-08-17 Update
HOG Kingston Toy Ride 2008-09-14 Update
HOG Quinte Toy Run 2008-09-14 Update
The Denise House Poker Run 2008-09-20 Update
Full Throttle Pig Roast & Rodeo 2008-09-27 Update
Tori's Ride Home 2009-05-02 Update
Rolling Thunder RED RIDE 2009-05-30 Update
Motorcycle Ride with Best Buddies 2009-06-06 Update
Ottawa Dodge Teddy Bear Motorcycle Poker Run 2009-06-06 Update
R.O.C.K. Ride Show 'n Shine 2009-06-07 Update
Freedom Riders - North Bay Toy Ride 2009-06-20 Update
Ontario Ruff Ryders Make-A-Wish Fundraiser 2009-06-21 Update
GWTA J Friendship Rally 2009-06-25 to
Ontario Chrome Divas and Iron Cowgirlz Ride 2009-06-25 Update
Ride for the Heart 2009-06-28 Update
Ride for Autism Dogs 2009-07-04 Update
Arthritis Society Poker Run 2009-07-11 Update
Widows Sons Masonic Riders Poker Run 2009-07-11 Update
Red Knights ON 7 Memorial ride 2009-07-12 Update
BRO Sault St. Marie Pig Roast 2009-07-31 to
Queensmen Reunion and Shoot 'n' Scoot 2009-07-31 to
Redneck Rodeo 2009-08-14 to
Girlz Ride Too 2009-08-15 Update
Dr. I. Bernard Schacter Charity Ride 2009-08-22 Update
HOG Milton ErinoakKids Charity Ride 2009-08-23 Update
SCRC #418 Ride to the Wall 2009-08-29 Update
WCMC Help a Child Smile 2009-09-05 Update
BRO Sault Ste Marie Toy Run 2009-09-19 Update
Crabby Joe's Scavenger Run 2009-09-26 Update
BEAT Cancer Ride - St. Catherines 2009-09-27 Update
TOMA Ride For Burned Kids (Cancelled) 2009-09-27 Update
BEAT Cancer Ride - Port Dover 2009-10-03 Update
Northumberland Charity Toy Ride 2009-10-11 Update
WCMC Poki-Barbi-Dan 2010-04-24 Update
BRO Niagara Cover the Kids Toy Run 2010-05-01 Update
BRO Sault Ste Marie, awareness ride 2010-05-01 Update
Trooper Mark Wilson Ride 2010-05-15 Update
HOG Milton Robert's Run 2010-05-16 Update
WCMC Fallen Members Ride 2010-05-19 Update
Burford Optimist Friend of Youth Ride 2010-05-29 Update
Papa Joe Memorial Ride - North Bay 2010-05-29 Update
HOG Sarnia Steel Cowboys Charity Run 2010-05-29 Update
Big Brothers and Sisters North Durham and Red Knights Ride 2010-05-29 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - London 2010-05-30 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Kingston-Quinte 2010-05-30 Update
Ride to Remember, Picton 2010-06-05 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Kitchener 2010-06-05 Update
North Shore Ride for Palliative Care 2010-06-05 Update
BRO Sault Ste. Marie Shoot and Scoot 2010-06-06 Update
Aylmer Rotary Ride for Kids 2010-06-12 Update
C.A.W. Local 88 Show and Shine 2010-06-12 Update
Niagara Falls Canada Biker Rally 2010-06-18 to
Big Balls Dice Run 2010-07-10 to
The Breast Ride Ever 2010-07-10 Update
Why Not Paris Youth Center Ride 2010-07-10 Update
BEAT Cancer Ride - Niagara 2010-07-11 Update
BEAT Cancer Ride - Burlington 2010-07-11 Update
Golden Horseshoe CAPPY Ride 2010-07-11 Update
WCMC Willy's Lime Run 2010-07-18 Update
Carman Greer Memorial Ride For CHEO 2010-07-24 Update
UFCW - Ride for a Cure, Mississauga 2010-08-07 Update
Port Dover Friday 13th 2010-08-13 Update
RoadSharks Motorcycle Poker Ride 2010-08-21 Update
Ride 4 Kidney 2010-08-21 Update
Ride Against Crime Poker Run 2010-08-22 Update
Ride United 2010-08-28 Update
A Cool Ride 2010-08-28 Update
Ride for Dialysis 2010-09-18 Update
Amazing Ride for MS 2010-09-18 Update
Ride for Dreams 2010-09-18 Update
WCMC Hare and Hound 2010-09-19 Update
Ambassadors Motorcycle Ride 2010-09-26 Update
GBMTC Show 'n Shine 2010-10-02 to
WCMC Blue Balls Run 2010-11-14 Update
Durham HOG Hearts Of Gold Ride 2011-05-28 Update
Hearts of Gold 2011-05-28 Update
Poker Run for Cystic Fibrosis 2011-06-11 Update
Westerntown Smokeout 2011-06-11 Update
Ingersol Motorcycle Show and Shine 2011-06-12 Update
UPPERCAN400 Moto Rally 2011-06-18 Update
Bob Probert Memorial Ride 2011-06-26 Update
Bikers Reunion Battling Cancer 2011-07-01 to
Kawartha Bikers Church Show & Shine 2011-07-09 Update
Canadian Veterans National Rendezvous 2011-07-09 Update
GlobalMedic Support Ride 2011-07-10 Update
Realtor's Care Ride 2011-07-13 to
BRO Niagara Summer Bash 2011-07-16 Update
Teen Challenge Freedom Ride 2011-07-16 Update
Ride Your Heart Out 2011-07-16 Update
Ontario Police Badge Ride 2011-07-17 Update
Ride Manitoulin 2011-07-23 to
Ride To Remember, Toronto 2011-07-23 Update
Bikers Against Brain Cancer - Ottawa 2011-07-30 Update
Canada 911 Ride 2011-08-01 to
SCRC Barrie Cruise for Kids 2011-08-06 Update
Lets Ride Homelessness into the Dust 2011-08-07 Update
Dock's Poker Run 2011-08-13 Update
Pointsman Ride for Heroes 2011-08-13 Update
Comrades Veterans Ride 2011-08-20 Update
Black Hawks Motor Cycle Ride 2011-08-20 Update
BRO Niagara Memorial Run 2011-08-27 Update
Chris Garrett Memorial Poker Run for Charity 2011-09-10 Update
BRO Spanish River Poker Run & BBQ 2011-09-11 Update
Ride for Autism Poker Run 2011-09-17 Update
BRO Niagara Food Drive Scavenger Hunt 2011-09-17 Update
Midland Toy Ride 2011-09-17 Update
BRO Port Colborne Autumn Bash Poker Run 2011-09-24 Update
Bikers for Brains 2011-09-25 Update
BRO Spanish River Toy Run 2011-09-25 Update
ABC Rally 2012-05-18 to
Private Tyler William Todd Memorial Ride 2012-05-27 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Niagara 2012-05-27 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Ottawa 2012-06-02 Update
Donna's Ride For The Girls 2012-06-09 Update
Ride for Progeria 2012-06-23 Update
Ride for Dog Guides 2012-06-23 Update
Nairn Motorcycle Rural Ramble and Rib Dinner 2012-07-01 Update
Help Solve The Puzzle Ride for Autism 2012-07-08 Update
Los Silverado's Annual Poker Run 2012-07-14 Update
Ashley's Angels Motorcycle Ride 2012-07-14 Update
Kitchener Rock and Rumble Meet and Greet 2012-07-28 Update
CAV Ride With the Pack 2012-08-03 to
HOG Niagara Summer Poker Run 2012-08-12 Update
Halton Crimestoppers Ride to the Ribs 2012-09-02 Update
Cornwall Children's Poker Run 2012-09-08 Update
Kaitlin Bolton Memorial Charity Poker Run 2012-09-09 Update
Red White and Blue Knights Toy Ride 2012-09-11 Update
BEAT Cancer Ride - Newmarket 2012-09-16 Update
Ride for HOPE *Cancelled* 2012-09-22 Update
Ride of the Knight 2012-09-22 Update
BEAT Cancer Ride - Owen Sound 2012-09-23 Update
Fall Colour Ride 2012-10-13 Update
HOG Niagara Spring Poker Run 2013-05-05 Update
Ride For Lupus 2013-05-11 to
Forest City Motorrad Club Rally 2013-05-17 to
Boozefighters Poker Run 2013-05-25 to
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Huronia 2013-05-25 Update
BRO Fallen Riders Memorial Awareness Ride 2013-05-25 to
The B.A.D. Ride 2013-05-26 Update
Lansdowne Children's Centre Charity Motorcycle Ride 2013-06-01 Update
Kawartha Kids Ride 2013-06-01 Update
Poker Run for MADD 2013-06-02 Update
National Memorial Ride 2013-06-02 Update
HOG Huronia Charity Poker Ride 2013-06-02 Update
Upper Credit Ride 4 Paws 2013-06-02 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Toronto West 2013-06-08 Update
Bikertv.ca VON Poker Run 2013-06-08 Update
Port Cares - Reach Out 'n Ride 2013-06-08 Update
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - Durham 2013-06-08 to
Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital Motorcycle Ride 2013-06-09 Update
BBMC Yellow Ribbon Ride 2013-06-09 Update
Veteran's appreciation Day 2013-06-15 Update
Motorcycle Ride For Dad - Golden Horseshoe 2013-06-15 to
Motorcycle Ride for Dad - North Bay 2013-06-15 Update
Grey Bruce Arthritis Society Poker Run 2013-06-22 Update
LOH London Poker Ride for London Woman's Community House 2013-06-22 Update
Muskoka Charity Motorcycle Ride 2013-06-22 Update
Hit the Road for Hospice Dufferin 2013-06-23 Update
New Liskeard Bikers Reunion 2013-06-28 to
Run to the North Wall 2013-06-30 Update
Optimist Canada Day Motorcycle Cruise and Rib Dinner 2013-07-01 Update
Hillbilly Scavenger Hunt 2013-07-06 Update
Victoria District, Masonic Charity Ride 2013-07-06 Update
Ride For The Moraine 2013-07-07 Update
Georgian Bay Thunder Weekend 2013-07-12 to
Northern Ontario Ride for Sight 2013-07-12 to
Peterborough Bikers Church BBQ & Show 2013-07-13 Update
Ride for Keisha 2013-07-13 Update
BRO Kawartha Poker Run 2013-07-13 Update
Mac Rally of Hope 2013-07-13 to
Aces and Eights Christmas in July Toy Ride 2013-07-13 Update
Hamilton CAPPY Ride 2013-07-14 Update
Muskoka Motorcycle Rally 2013-07-19 to
Charity Ride for Rescue Cats 2013-07-20 Update
Bikers Against Brain Cancer 2013-07-27 Update
Military Police National Motorcycle Ride 2013-08-02 to
Blue Tie Ride For The Cure 2013-08-10 Update
Old Boyz Poker Run 2013-08-10 Update
Toys to support Victoria's & Amy's 2013-08-11 Update
Ride for Sick Kids 2013-08-11 Update
Cruise and Beach Bash 2013-08-17 Update
Iron Pony Ride 2013-08-17 Update
GBMTC Annual Toy Ride 2013-08-17 Update
IMC Ride for a Friend 2013-08-17 Update
Help a Child Smile Ride 2013-08-18 Update
Women Ride Out Against Rape 2013-08-21 Update
UFCW - Ride for a Cure 2013-08-22 Update
Young at Heart Motorcycle Ride 2013-08-24 Update
Red Knights Motorcycle Treasure Hunt/Poker Run 2013-08-24 Update
Quinte Ride for Paws 2013-08-25 Update
Freedom Ride to End MS 2013-08-25 Update
Midland BikeFest 2013-08-30 to
Ride for the Breath of Life 2013-09-01 Update
Poker Run for Kidney Foundation 2013-09-02 Update
Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2013-09-07 to
BRO Elgin-Middlesex Toy Run 2013-09-08 Update
COR Ride for fallen Correctional Officers 2013-09-08 Update
Ottawa River Riders Guide Dog Run 2013-09-08 Update
Rally for Vita 2013-09-15 Update
Andrew Grenon Ride 2013-09-15 Update
Red Knights ON 13 Scott's Ride for Bucko 2013-09-15 Update
LWC Ride for MS 2013-09-21 Update
Bike Fest for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chatham-Kent 2013-09-21 Update
HOG Niagara Roll the Dice Run for Biketoberfest 2013-09-21 Update
"Ruff Ride" for Burlington Humane Society 2013-09-22 Update
London Toy Ride 2013-09-22 Update
BRO Elgin-Middlesex Awareness Ride 2014-05-04 Update
Ride for Hunger 2014-05-18 Update
Durham Divas Sylvia's Ride 2014-05-24 Update
Central Ontario Ride for Sight 2014-06-06 to
Iron Sirens Blue Mountain SOS Charity ride 2014-06-21 Update
The Lions Roar Poker Rally 2014-06-21 Update
IOOF Ride and Shine 2014-06-21 Update
Bikefest Canada 2014-06-22 Update
Hawks MC Annual Poker Run 2014-06-22 Update
Bikers Against Brain Cancer - Cornwall 2014-06-28 Update
R.O.C.K. Ride for Our Cancer Kids 2014-07-05 Update
Iron Sirens Forest City SOS Charity ride 2014-07-12 Update
Tweedsmuir Hotel Ride and Shine 2014-08-03 Update
Chapman's Ride to a Cure 2014-08-09 Update
PESC Ride for St. Joseph's Hospice 2014-08-16 Update
Riders Against Hunger 2014-08-16 Update
B.M.A. Brampton Toy Ride 2014-08-23 Update
Guide Dog Dice Run 2014-09-07 Update

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